Our route network serviced by speed vans brings your shipments from Central Europe to Norway, Finland, Sweden, and Denmark overnight.

We have daily departures from the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany that arrive the same night at our hub in Malmö. On arrival in Malmö, the cargo is scanned and loaded onto trucks for transportation within our Nordic distribution network. Your shipment will arrive at its destination the next day in all of Denmark and most parts of Sweden and Norway. For the remaining parts of Scandinavia, one extra transit day is usually required. Contact us for more information about how you can benefit from our European route network.

TWS - Routes

TWS Logistics’ European route network

  • Amsterdam–Malmö
  • Brussels–Malmö
  • Frankfurt–Malmö
  • Malmö–Oslo
  • Malmö–Stockholm
  • Malmö–Helsinki
  • Malmö–Copenhagen
  • Distribution in the south of Sweden
  • Distribution in the mid and central parts of Sweden

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