Who we are


TWS LOGISTICS stands for world wide logistic solutions with efficiency and tracking in focus.

About TWS Logistics

TWS Logistics provides a wide selection of different customized supply chain solutions based on our customers constantly changing needs. Founded as a contrary to the majors in 2009 with flexibility and availability as our fundamental ideas, we have come a long way with several internationally strong brands in our client portfolio.

We have spent years developing our IT-systems to optimize our workflow to our customers benefits. The market has changed to the extent where you as a customer not only can expect on time delivery (OTD), but immediate and complete proof of delivery (POD) feedback.

TWS Logistics headquarter, operations department and main warehouse is located in Malmö, Sweden. We have direct representation in a diversity of EU/ESS countries and a well-developed network of partners globally.


We have daily departures from the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany that arrives the same night in our hub in Malmö. On arrival in Malmö the cargo is scanned and loaded onto trucks for transport within our own Nordic distribution net.

Your shipment will arrive at its destination the next day in all of Denmark and most parts of Sweden and Norway. For the remaining parts of Scandinavia one extra day of transit time is usual.

Through a complete range of logistics services, branch knowledge and commitment we create value for our supply-chain customers both locally and globally. By providing innovative logistics solutions we secure long-term relationships with our customers.  

Express Service

Through elaborate and punctual departure and arrival times we are able to collect our customer’s shipments in Europe and consolidate at our warehouses in Germany or Sweden for departure the same day. From Germany to the Nordics we offer both EXPRESS and ECONOMY services.

Within the express solution, our most common SLA (Service level agreement) is the “Next Day”. The TWS Logistics ECONOMY solution is normally 2-3 days depending on consignee address. For additional information regarding our network please send an inquiry to our business developers in the relevant area or to our operations department. 

During 2016 one of our larger growth markets has been Italy. TWS Logistics has direct representation and we are able to provide domestic distribution as well as import/export and warehousing.