TWS Logistics was founded more than two decades ago as an alternative to the incumbent logistics players.

Now, more than two decades later, we have come a long way, and we have earned the trust of a large number of knowledgeable brands.


TWS Logistics was founded as an alternative to the incumbent logistics players, with the mission to provide better flexibility, accuracy, and service.


The first customer was signed. The assignment started out on a small scale, focusing on return handling.


The first larger Nordic customer was signed, and the first line-haul from central Europe to Scandinavia was established.


The warehouse storage capacity in Malmö was increased from 110 m² to 1,500 m².


A contract regarding the collection of hazardous goods was signed with one of the largest distribution companies in the world.


An office and a warehouse were opened in Hamburg.


An office and a warehouse were opened in Amsterdam.


A GDP license was obtained, and the first line-haul for pharmaceutical distribution was established.


Distribution all over Sweden for one of the world’s largest companies started.


60% of the shares were sold to a strong Norwegian venture capital company to secure future growth. Distribution in Sweden for a famous Dutch fashion brand begun.


100% of the shares in the Stockholm-based logistics company Riksdistribution AB were acquired. TWS moved to a new warehouse and office in Malmö.


An office and a warehouse were opened in Arlandastad north of Stockholm.


Riksdistribution is fully incorporated in TWS Logistics.

Enough talk. Let’s deliver together