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Solutions for demanding logistics needs

TWS Logistics is your logistics partner for European express deliveries, pharma distribution in the Nordics, industry-specific logistics solutions, and customized logistics services.

European express delivery

We get your shipments to the Nordics overnight, and we cover the most inaccessible parts of Europe.

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Pharma distribution

Our temperature-controlled vehicles and highly skilled drivers distribute pharma products, mainly in the Nordics.

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Industry solutions

We offer tailormade services for retail, healthcare, MedTech, spare parts, and automotive companies.

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Customized logistics services

We can manage all cargo types and have a global partner network, meaning that we can solve most logistics challenges.

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Delivering smart distribution solutions

TWS Logistics delivers solutions to logistics challenges that are especially demanding in terms of lead times and complexity. Our core strength is to cost-efficiently manage transports that don’t fit the business models of other actors in the logistics market.

In addition, we provide:

24/7 support
digital tools
delivery precision

The Nordics are our home turf

Our route network serviced by speed vans brings your shipments from Central Europe to Norway, Finland, Sweden and Denmark overnight.

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Benefit from our digital tools

Our market-leading IT system provides real-time tracking, proof of delivery, and more. We integrate with your IT system, and you access our digital tools through our smartphone app and customer portal.

Find your shipment
Type in the reference number or scan the freight documents’ barcode to find your shipment.
Get proof of delivery
You get real-time proof of delivery information, regardless of whether your shipment is transported by the TWS fleet or a partner.
See map overview
You can see where all your TWS shipments are in real-time on one single overview map.
Contact the right person
You can easily chat with customer service, contact the driver directly, or call the TWS headquarters.
Stay updated
Track your shipment in real-time and see all steps taken in the event log. If you want to, you can get notifications for the events of your choice.
Keep everyone in the loop
All the users you choose to add are notified when a new shipment is sent.
Monitor temperature
Get real-time information about the temperature of your shipment.
Control your costs
You can always see the exact cost of each of your shipments.

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TWS Logistics is a part of TWS Group, a group of companies offering smart logistics solutions.

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