Intelligent warehouse solutions

TWS Logistics has in-house warehouses in Malmö, Sweden and Hamburg, Germany.

While the warehouse in Hamburg main function is cross-docking and storage our warehouse in Malmö has developed into a section divided fulfillment-house. Our customers include everything from a growing established domestic coffee entrepreneur to an international chemical-supplier.

In order to remain as a relevant and attractive warehouse partner, TWS Logistics personal have ongoing training (both internal and external) with continues improvement on the agenda. We are using a WMS-system (Warehouse management system) that allows us to manage FIFO/LIFO and produce relevant status reports. 

As your warehouse partner we continuously work towards improved efficiency with a safety first focus. You will gain competitive advantages by engaging TWS Logistics in your supply chain.

We offer:
  • WMS
  • Cross docking
  • Fulfilment house