• Secret transport of BMW

    All transportation has its unique challenges and solutions. When BMW contacted us and booked transportation between several exhibitions and events in Europe and Scandinavia, the transportation in itself was not more than “business as usual”. The thing that put special demands on our flexibility and security was that the assignment meant that the car, a BMW 750, was not yet official but would be transported in such a way that absolutely no outsiders got to see it before they were presented to the public.

    The transportation of the new BMW to the different exhibitions required a tailored overall solution.

    The car was retrieved in Belgium with a boxtrailer, and we equipped the trailor with custom-built ramps to protect it from view. The BMW also had to wear a tailor made boiler suit. With safety and precision the transports were conducted, starting just outside of Malmo where the golf tournament Nordea Masters European Tour offered a VIP tour of the car. Furthermore the car was transported to exhibitions in Vilnius, Lithuania, Riga in Latvia, Tallinn in Estonia, Helsinki in Finland, Oslo in Norway, and finally delivered it to a trade show in Budapest in Hungary.

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