• Flexible Warehouse

    Flexible Warehouse

    Demands for flexible transportation solutions and modern storage management are on the rise, as growing e-commerce requires effective solutions for customers.

    Third part logistics, TPL, is a growing market and offers a cost effective option for companies. TWS Scandinavian Logistics Centre and main storage facility are based in Malmoe in southern Sweden. One of TWS’s clients, Sofiero Kafferosteri, has chosen to outsource its storage containing three different kinds of the coffee brand Cafego, to the main storage facility in Malmoe.

    – We are able to process and distribute the coffee daily to Sofiero Kafferosteri´s customers, based on the orders we receive through the system. The entire process can be traced using the storage- and order system and by TWS Track & Trace, which guarantees a high level of traceability, time precision and reliability.

    – By outsourcing storage, companies are able to lower managing costs of all orders and are easily able to manage orders via web shops. The coordination of storage transport makes it easy for TWS to effectively manage fluctuating volumes and flows.

    – Together with the customer we find the best solutions, which optimizes supply chains, from order to end customer.


    Sofiero Kafferosteri on TWS:

    “The main reasons for us using TWS, are that you are always flexible and offer a high level of service. The personal relationship you create is highly appreciated, as are your easy-to-use systems. The fact that we are able to trace our shipments makes it easy for us to check if they have reached their destination. As stated earlier, flexibility and a high level of service makes TWS an obvious choice when it comes to logistics.”

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