Environment & Responsibility

We are convinced that active, well structured work makes us competitive in the long term and reinforces our good name among our customers. We therefore work hard for environmental improvements, actively and decisively, in everything we do.

We actively engage in environmental work in order to take responsibility for a more ecologically sustainable society and a transport system better suited for our environment.

How we care

Our environmental coordinators works in conjunction with the corporate management team to constantly provide stimulation for commitment to the environment and initiative from everyone within the organisation such as:

  • Continuous training to keep staff informed about environmental issues so that they are given both the commitment to take environmental issues into account in their day-to-day work.
  • Promoting and setting up forms of co-operation with both customers and suppliers which support our environment over all parts of the transport chain.
  • Working with preventive environmental measures; we strive for constant improvement.

We believe in CSR

We have developed close collaboration with various job placement agencies and TWS Logistics is a first job and trainee place for young people and other groups that may face difficulties entering the labor market.

We also donate financial means to different charities. We believe that an expanding company must take responsibility for the environment and the community. 

Fuel Surcharges

Fuel prices rise and fall, often changing on a daily basis. For this reason TWS Logistics applies an index-based fuel surcharge to every shipment. A transparent charging system for all fuel costs is therefore provided for our customers. Fuel surcharges are adjusted at the end of each month and is reported separately on the invoice. The fuel surcharge is calculated as a percentage of the freight cost, excluding any supplemental services and is established each month based on the transport cost index.